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The Mosquito Fleet Art Exhibit consists of a wonderful blend of pencil sketches, done by Holt, Michigan resident, ROBERT VOORHEES.  These sketches deal with the PT Boats of World War Two, featuring many beautifully done pieces of art.

Voorhees work is a wonderful blend of action and still art, giving the viewer much to see. Feeding Hills resident, Frank J. Andruss Sr, owns and operates THE MOSQUITO FLEET EXHIBIT. This exhibit is dedicated to educating those who know little about the PT Boats, and has been set up in many venues across New England and Rhode Island. The exhibit features hundreds of rare artifacts, mostly donated by the veterans. Voorhees began sketching for Andruss several years ago, with well over 75 different lasting tributes now in the art exhibit.

These lasting tributes are now a part of this new venue that Andruss has brought forward. The Mosquito Fleet Art Exhibit hopes to educate people and give them a better understanding of the PT Boats through VOORHEES work

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to all who served on,
built and repaired
U.S. Navy PT Boats

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