Eastern States Exposition Exhibit

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This would be the very first Exhibit set up for public display. This well known New England Fair would run for seventeen days, drawing upwards of one-million visitors. The Fair would kick off on September 18, 1998 with the Mosquito Fleet Exhibit being set up in the New England Building. Staffed by Andruss and a complement of eight PT boat Veterans and friends, the Exhibit was open every day from 10:00am until 10:00pm, and would draw thousands of visitors while on display. The main attraction to the Exhibit would be the public’s chance to meet one of PT-109’s original crew members who would become shipwrecked with our 35th President John F. Kennedy. At times the lines to the Exhibit were so long, that staffers would have to stop guests from entering. Visitors were treated to many PT boat models loaned by T. Garth Connelly, and a wonderful 20 foot model made of the USS Massachusetts brought up to the Exhibit by Richard Kumor. This Exhibit was very special as two former PT boat crew members would meet each other for the first time since the war had ended. Uniforms, photos, knifes, and even a staged South Pacific Island scene was all a part of the experience.

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