The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit

The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit was founded in 1997, by Frank J Andruss Sr., who began his love affair with PT Boats as a young ten year old back in 1967. His father Robert had told him to watch the movie PT-109 and he was hooked. I can remember after watching the movie, I had asked my Father if he could buy me a PT boat”. This was out of the question, but he flipped me fifty cents and told me to see if they had one at the store. They did, and Andruss never looked back. His passion for these fast, sleek, wooden boats continued as an adult, and he built his Exhibit into one of the finest in private hands in the Country. Trying to obtain as much information as possible, he began to visit with as many PT boat Veterans as he could. First, he joined PT Boats Inc., with the largest collection of artifacts and Veterans in the World. Getting to know these veterans was so very important because the knowledge they had to pass along would be crucial for future generations. Over the years artifacts were donated or purchased and what began as a simple collection would grow to contain some of the rarest pieces around.

Andruss began to realize how important it was to spread the word about these brave warriors of the Sea. Educating those that knew little about this special branch of the Navy became a top priority and the Mosquito Fleet Exhibit was born. It was time to display these artifacts and the very first Exhibit was displayed at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1998.

Other Exhibits would follow as more people were interested to learn more about the PT Boats, Bases, and Tenders. The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit is available for just about any type of display you are looking for. Containing hundreds of artifacts, the Exhibit would be the highlight of any venue, providing Museum quality PT boat models and Diorama’s. Some of the rare artifacts in the Exhibit include the uniform of PT-109 Crew member Gerard Zinser, the only known workers uniform in existence from the famous makers of the Elco PT Boats, artifacts from Medal of Honor recipient, John D. Bulkeley, who rescued General Douglas McArthur from the Philippines, and rare artifacts from Elco’s Managing Constructor, Irwin Chase. Too numerous to
mention, the Exhibit has many other artifacts from those who served on these wonderful boats. Exhibits range from small to large and provide a wonderful educational tool for School Children.

The Mosquito Fleet can also provide speaking engagements for your event, providing original short movies and Museum quality PT boat models. We feel that these models provide an excellent visual aid for quests. Educating the public about the role of the PT Boats during WWII is our top priority, as well as honoring those men who served. We are losing our WWII PT boat veterans at an alarming rate, and the Mosquito Fleet Exhibit provides a service to keep their legacy alive. We honor these veterans by displaying their donated artifacts in special glass cases. Each donated item is cataloged and displayed with the Veterans name to show guests visiting the Exhibit these priceless pieces of History. The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit accepts all donations of artifacts, pertaining to the PT boat Service and strives to display them with pride. If you are interested in donating items or having the Mosquito Fleet Exhibit at your next venue, contact us and we will be happy to send you information.


The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit takes pride in the service it provides. The Exhibits are tailored for your needs and can be made for just about any size venue. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your educational needs. These are a brief look at some of our satisfied Exhibit customers.

to all who served on,
built and repaired
U.S. Navy PT Boats

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