Memorial Monument

The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit has undertaken more than its share of Exhibits. Over the years we have always felt that the men who served in the PT boat Service should be honored for their courageous fight against overwhelming odds. Through conversations with artist and friend Robert Voorhees, it was suggested that a design be constructed for just that purpose. Voorhees went to work and
designed the Monument that would be erected at the Massachusetts Memorial Veterans Cemetery, in Agawam, Mass. Andruss would approach the Committee at the Cemetery for design approval, which was granted. Fund raising was launched and the money was collected to have the stone constructed and erected. The unveiling of this beautiful monument was done on Memorial Day, 2004, with invited PT boat Veterans, family, and friends. Following a brief ceremony in the Chapel, guests walked to the Memorial walkway. The Monument was covered with a blue cloth, and PT Veteran, William Paul, and Mrs. Victor Kodis both lifted the cloth to show the wonderfully designed Stone, which honors these who served on our WWII PT Boats, Bases, and Tenders.

Memorial Monument Ceremony

to all who served on,
built and repaired
U.S. Navy PT Boats

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