Navy War College Museum Exhibit

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This Exhibit had History written all over it, and would have Veterans from the area of Newport, Rhode Island buzzing. Set up at the Navy War College Museum on the grounds of what was once the Newport Naval Training Base, the Exhibit was right on Narragansett Bay. During WWII, the Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons Training Center operated on these waters and was set up no less than ten minutes from the Museum. The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit would open on April 25, 2004 and would have a ribbon cutting ceremony with 40 invited guests, including the descendants of Irwin Chase Sr. Chase was the Managing Constructor of Elco , the leader in PT boat construction located in Bayonne, New Jersey. He was instrumental in the PT boat program and his grandchildren donated many artifacts from his life to the Exhibit. Many PT boat veterans that attended that day would visit the old PT boat training base. The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit originally was scheduled to run until July 1st, but due to the increased interest, the Navy War College Museum extended it for another six months.

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