Exhibit Showing History

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Springfield Museum Exhibit

The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit would open its doors on August 15, 2007. Set up in the Connecticut Historical Building on the grounds of the Springfield Museum . . . . .

Eastern States Exposition Exhibit

This would be the very first Exhibit set up for public display. This well known New England Fair would run for seventeen days . . . . .

Navy War College Museum Exhibit

This Exhibit had History written all over it, and would have Veterans from the area of Newport, Rhode Island buzzing. Set up at the Navy War College Museum . . . . . .

Other PT Boat Exhibit Showings

The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit has continued to stage other Exhibits over the years. Boat Shows, Military Shows, Gun Shows, and Veterans Services are just a few Exhibits . . . . . .

to all who served on,
built and repaired
U.S. Navy PT Boats

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