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The Mosquito Fleet Exhibit would open its doors on August 15, 2007. Set up in the Connecticut Historical Building on the grounds of the Springfield Museum, this Exhibit would have a profound impact on tourism. One of the finest Exhibits to date, visitors would come from many areas of New England and beyond to view this popular exhibit. Open Tuesdays through Sunday, Museum Officials noticed increased traffic to the building and the increased phone calls to the Switch board. This would prompt the Curator and President to marvel at the Exhibit and its popularity with visitors. Located on the second floor, with no elevator access, every PT boat veteran made the climb up the stairs to see this PT boat Exhibit, first hand. It would be the first time that most of the artifacts could be viewed due to the wonderful viewing areas of the Exhibit Hall. Museum officials originally called for the Mosquito Fleet Exhibit to be on display until the end of February 2007, but again due to the overwhelming increase to the Exhibit, they would extend it for another six months.

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